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About Us

Formula Scan™ offers the most comprehensive database of selected patent documents published worldwide. Our data base
includes more than 200,000 patent documents in the fields of skin care, hair care, skin care actives, cosmetics, home care,
household care, toiletries, oral care, antiperspirants, pharmaceutical and related fields.

The technical information provided by Formula Scan™ is selectively obtained and well organized to meet the specific needs of
our customers. The patent documents available at Formula Scan™ were carefully selected from the patent documentation
available at the most important national patent data bases worldwide. Formula Scan™ uses the services of expert analysts to
scan and classify this information. Our patent analysts and consultants have years of experience working in industry as
scientists, formulators or market specialists. They have a solid understanding of the most important technological trends
affecting the consumer products and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, Formula Scan™ also uses the services of
experienced synthetic chemists capable of assessing the technology behind a newly patented formulation ingredient, polymer
or active.

Formula Scan™ publishes highly specialized patent analysis reports and conducts custom patent data searches on request.
Formula Scan™ reports, patent lists and inventories are methodically prepared by combining the expertise of our analysts and
our proprietary data mining and indexing software. We provide these services to help our customers rapidly scan prior art,
prepare their own invention disclosures, design an IP strategy, track technological activity in specific areas of interest, find
solutions to complex technical issues and track competitive activity.

We cordially invite you to subscribe to our services.

Donna Hemberger
Industry Relations Manager

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Formula Scan is a subsidiary of Galhem Partners LLC; legally incorporated in Ohio, USA